Our Beliefs

We believe the internet and the web are the greatest inventions and that the revolution is now heading to social and mobile environments. We want to be part of it bringing our ideas, passion and hard work to create great software and services. We understand software as a living being that requires a strong team of visioners, developers, designers, marketers and users to participate altogether in order to make it a success.

Meet Our Team

Gabriela Muriel A.

General Director

She is very committed to her duty and tasks and an enjoyable person to work with.

H. Marcelo Muriel

Innovation and Product Director

Passionate of innovation and web driven technologies permanently planning to bring new solutions to the market. He is multi-disciplinary and hard-worker and he always manages to achieve what he wants in despite of his tight agenda.

E. Monaco

Strategical Partner, Advisor

He is the person you really want to be partners with! Ideas flow from his mind permanently and he has a sense of humanity few others have.

Fredy L.


Meritzia A.

Company Lawyer


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Rita Arnez

Web Graphic Designer

My essence is translated into a visual work backed by a whole process of creativity with an aesthetic value, where design the color, shape, texture are protagonists.