If your current WordPress Theme is having trouble at being indexed by search engines, this plugin can be handy. It switches dynamically the Theme to the default “twentyeleven” only for search engines to ensure readability of your content.

The current version has a a list of predefined search engines which are compared to the user-agent string sent by the browser/bot and if matched the Theme is switched. By doing so, there is no change at the database level so another user who connects at the same time will not be affected at all. This technique was used before to display correctly the content on old browser such as IE6.

You might want to check how your site is actually displayed using the default Theme. Make sure your menus, pages and widgets appear correctly.


This plugin was tested on :

WordPress 3.3.2
WordPress 3.4.1
PHP 5.3
PHP 5.2 (It didn’t pass, it was complaining of the array_filter function).

[button color=”#178AA7″ link=”https://www.syscrunch.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/wp_plugin_theme-redirect.zip”]Download[/button]

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