Spicee: Finding and booking leisure activities

Spicee.ch is the youngest and largest aggregator of leisure activities in Switzerland, it has a custom made system by SysCrunch.

Spicee is a young startup based in Lausanne and Victor Mathys serves as its current CEO and founder.

Project Execution

This project started with the assessment of the functional and non-functional requirements. These requirements were translated into a formal document with the scope, phases and deliverables.

In the back-end the system is built with Python/CherryPy and relies on MongoDB. It publishes a REST-like API with JSON. The WebApp was created on a design provided by Spicee (no responsive at the moment) with standard technologies (HTML5/CSS/JS). It is planed to create iOS and Android Apps in the future.


  1. Python3/CherryPy  – Backend system running on Ubuntu.
  2. MongoDB
  3.  HTML5/CSS/JS/jQuery – Web Application

Time Scope

This project was carried over 4 months between March and July 2015.