WebTech : Frameworks for Web Development

We are organising a WebTech event in Cochabamba on Friday, Sep. 16th at 16:00 that will be on the major Frameworks currently used for web development. Members of our team and guest speakers will take on :

Symfony 2 (Gabriel Rivero)
Zend Framework (Carlos Cabellero)
Ruby on Rails (Richard Cruz)
Django (Antonio Mamani)

This presentation is addressed to all web enthusiasts specially those from universities and companies. You don’t need to be an expert to participate, just drop by; you will be introduced to each Framework with use cases and code examples. The entrance is free, don’t miss it!

CMS for dummies – Sep. 7th 2012

Our regional team, SysCrunch Cochabamba is organizing a dive-into-CMS (Content Management System) event on Sep. 7th addressed to the universities’ communities and for the general public too.

A group of enthusiasts will present 3 of the most widely spread CMS : Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. The goal is to introduce the use of CMSs as a painless process and to distinguish between the pros and cons of each of them in different circumstances.

Motivated to come? Please go to the Facebook event we created and click on Join.