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What do you think of modern art? This is a short post to introduce a promising digital art studio based in London, FusionArtWorks. It is art meeting digital art, they create a unique interpretation of any artwork that you can imagine. See a sample of their work below or on their Art Gallery online.

Tired of Firefox fast releases?

Firefox has been releasing major versions every 6 weeks since April 2011 going from a version 4 to version 20 (time of writing). I want to present some numbers in terms of versions and browser market share of what happened since then. What was the goal of the fast releases? Wikipedia quotes: «The stated aim […]

Apache Server: KeepAlive, good practice

The KeepAlive parameter is more important than you might actually think, we learnt the hard way. Many good articles have discussed the KeepAlive topic (e.g. KeepAlive On/Off) with good arguments. Here I’ll present rather a summary. I personally set up our apache server for development machine in EC2/VPC (Amazon Web Services). I set up the […]

CMS for dummies – Sep. 7th 2012

Our regional team, SysCrunch Cochabamba is organizing a dive-into-CMS (Content Management System) event on Sep. 7th addressed to the universities’ communities and for the general public too. A group of enthusiasts will present 3 of the most widely spread CMS : Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. The goal is to introduce the use of CMSs as […]

Why do we need Flash?

Flash is a technology that most people surfing the web is aware and used to, at least 99% PC-users have installed the Flash Player runtime according to Adobe by July 2011. Although those numbers are from a single source and it happens to be the Company behind it itself, it is possible to say they […]