Ex Team Members

A passionate developer looking for new technologies to learn and adapt, His objective is to start innovating rather than try to keep up with software, that’s why he is in web technologies and distributed processes.

Gabriel Rivero

Sr. Chief Software Developer

Elia Moya

Project Manager and QA Engineer

Jonathan Claros

Sr. Web Application Engineer

Developer by passion working with PHP, Java, Javascript, and some other web related technologies for a while, comfortable on *nix environments, following the Tao of programing for a long time. I like to let the code express it self.

Amed Ibañez

S-Sr. Web Application Engineer

Daniel Saguez

Sr. Back-End Developer

Jaime Rivera

Sr. Web Application Engineer

Romer Quispe Rios

Trainee Back End Developer

Hegel Trigo Menacho

Junior Back End Developer

Christian Quispe Rojas

Trainee Front End Web Developer

Javier Arduz López

Front End Web Developer

Antonio Mamani Quispe

Back End Web Developer

Luis Salvatierra Huanca

Trainee Front End Web Developer